Toy Barn buy cars

Interested in selling your car? We might buy it!

We purchase high-quality, clean-Carfax vehicles. Even if you plan to purchase your next vehicle from somewhere other than the Toy Barn, we may still be interested in buying your car. 
Why not just sell it yourself?....
   * Hassle and expense of taking pictures, advertising, etc. 
   * Time, money and energy spent on reconditioning/repairments to make your car "sale-ready"
   * Insurance coverage for test drives by potential buyers
   * and more.
Curious what you can get for your car?
Stop by and we will provide you with a fair and honest assessment.  You might be surprised how easy the appraisal process is at the Toy Barn.  
No appointment necessary - just stop by and ask for an appraisal, or call 614-799-5000. 
Lastly, dont forget your title and/or registration, as well as your loan info (if applicable).

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