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Our high performance supercars have always included Ferrari's, & the world's number one most recognized brand we know and love created by Enzo Ferrari himself in 1927. What began as a passion for racing turned into the production of Road cars, the proceeds of which were utilized to fund the Formula 1 Team, which has accumulated 16 Formula 1 World Constructors Titles. Once again, in 2019 Ferrari has won the International Engine of the Year award for the 3.9L twin-turbo V-8 has been found in every recent V-8 model. This Engine has the highest output of any V8 previously produced by Ferrari. Enzo's passion for cars and racing lives on through his company 31 years since his passing.

Our inventory of Ferraris are always in the best condition possible, so our Clients can experience the quality and performance that Ferrari has to offer. At the Toy Barn our goal is to help you find the right preowned Ferrari. You can find peace of mind with our Master Certified Service Technicians looking throughout our inventory of cars and inspecting them.  All of our cars come ready for delivery after being inspected and detailed to a very high level.  Talk to a Toy Barn expert for any help you need when browsing for your next Ferrari.